Good Governance Africa is a pan-African research and advocacy organisation working to enhance governance in Africa to improve the lives of all citizens.

Through applied research, fact-based knowledge, community initiatives, context-driven African centres and our global team of researchers, professionals, writers and associates, Good Governance Africa is an advocate for exemplary governance in Africa.

GGA researches, analyses and interprets information to produce fact-based knowledge in five core focus areas: local governance, natural resources, national security, child development and youth formation, and the promotion of ethical values and spirituality.

Our work is also realised through the conceptualisation and production of our flagship publications, the Africa Survey and quarterly Africa in Fact journal.

Research <br/> Projects


Through our research we provide fact-based knowledge on governance in Africa with a focus on key areas including local governance and grassroots democracy, natural resources, national security, child development and youth formation, ethical values and spirituality; business enablement, extractives, power and oil reform, and enabling innovation and sustainability drivers.

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Knowledge <br /> Centre


Read stories on governance and related issues from leading writers across the continent in Africa in Fact, and access key research, including trend analysis, in the Africa Survey, a resource with well over 1,600 political, economic and social indicators for all African countries.

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Community & Advocacy

Community & Advocacy

Transparency, accountability and respect for the rule of law are fundamental tenets for the social contract between governments and citizens. We work with partners from the public and private sectors, communities, civil society and faith-based organisations to promote improved governance and inclusive grassroots democracy.

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