By stalling coal station decommissioning, SA Electricity Minister stalls energy transition

Last month, Minister of Electricity Kgosientsho Ramokgopa proposed to delay the decommissioning of Eskom's...

Success of SA’s coalition future hinges on formalised agreements

In late May, the Auditor-General (AG) of South Africa identified coalition instability as having a concerning...

Oil and gas exploration threatens Unesco World Heritage Site in Zimbabwe

An obscure mining company has applied for a licence to prospect for oil and natural gas in one of Zimbabwe’s...

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Addressing the education gender gap in Africa

Addressing the education gender gap in Africa

Education is a door opener and a life-changer, especially for girls and women, senior United Nations officials stressed at the 56th session of the Commission on Population and Development held last month, amidst a global learning crisis. Sadly, in many parts of...

The need for the ‘Post Office of Tomorrow’  

The need for the ‘Post Office of Tomorrow’  

Over the last decade, the South African Post Office (SAPO) has experienced significant business issues, including debt to creditors and a lack of revenue collection. More recently, it has been provisionally liquidated. Due to these difficulties, SAPO has been forced...

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COP26: What should be at the top of Africa’s agenda?

In November, the United Kingdom will host the 26th annual United Nations (UN) global climate summit – called COP – or “Conference of the Parties” in Glasgow. COP26 (delayed by a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic) has a unique urgency and could prove to be one of the most important conferences of our time. Most experts agree that the…


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Corruption is a cancerous curse 

Corruption is a cancerous curse 

In their excellent 2009 book, Violence and Social Orders, the late Douglass North and his co-authors make a compelling case that, throughout history, the central problem of development is violence. To develop, actors must agree to pool rents and disarm. This only...

Sudan – From political turmoil to armed conflict

Sudan – From political turmoil to armed conflict

Sudan has been in crisis all along from the time of independence. Though there was a promising start in the immediate post-independence years, the Sudanese hope for a better future was quickly dashed. The 1980s exercise at instituting a representative government was...

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