COVID-19: The Ghana Case

The 23rd June 2020 marked exactly 100 days since the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in Ghana. Before the formal announcement (13th March 2020) of the first two cases in Ghana involving returning residents from Norway and Turkey, Ghanaians were already apprehensive given the awful news on COVID-19 around the globe. There was sustained pressure on the government to close Ghana’s entry borders and institute measures to possibly avoid an incidence of COVID-19 or curtail any possible spread should a case be recorded. However, since recording the first cases in March, the country has seen a sharp rise in infections across almost all its 16 administrative regions. The Greater Accra Region (capital – Accra), Ashanti Region (capital – Kumasi) and Central Region (capital – Cape Coast) have for some time been the hottest spots in infections. On 23rd June, 100 days since the announcement of the novel virus (SARS COV 2 or COVID-19), Ghana’s case count stood at 14,568 out of which 10,907 had been declared recovered and sadly, 95 officially declared deaths.